Teenagers in Africa are fanatical about sport. Unfortunately not many are interested in going to church and learning about God. This team aims to use sport to bring the Good News of Jesus to them. Mission Africa is partnering with Ambassadors Football to provide football coaching to teenagers in the Nairobi area.

The team will work alongside local football coaches, leading camps, working with schools and possibly doing some prison ministry. The programme will include evangelism and outreach activities delivered alongside football training. A typical day will involve delivering skills training and drills, matches and mini-tournaments, bible storytelling and more.

Don’t worry if you’ve never coached before. Orientation and training will be provided.

Team Details

An all age team of up to 12 people. Most people speak English, however some use local languages. Skills that will be useful are sport, youth work, evangelism and preaching.


The team will be based at the guest house at Kikuyu hospital, about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi. The rooms are shared with 2 or 3 in each room and there are basic toilets and showers. It is secure, clean and comfortable.


Food will be quite similar to the UK but will not have a massive variety. It will often be rice or potatoes, with a little bit of meat and some vegetables. Lunch will usually be sandwiches. There will also be opportunities for the team to eat at local restaurants.


Flights will be arranged to Nairobi airport and your team will travel together as a group, see page 7 for more info. A minibus hired by Mission Africa will be available for the team for the duration.


There will be a team leader appointed by Mission Africa who has experience of working in Kenya. We will also be working closely with Ambassadors Kenya support staff.


£1,700 including flights.

in partnership with Ambassadors Football

Ambassadors Football Kenya started in 2007 working alongside the local church in the development of football ministry. The goal is to establish youth football programmes where leaders are developed and the gospel of Jesus is proclaimed.

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