Nigeria has more cases and deaths from malaria than any other country in the world according to the World Health Organisation. Malaria is endemic throughout Nigeria with an estimated 97% of the population at risk. Malaria currently accounts for nearly 110 million clinically diagnosed cases per year, 60% of outpatient visits, 30% of hospitalisations and over 300,000 deaths every year. According to a recent report, in Nigeria one in six children under five years old die of Malaria – almost 500 children a day.

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Despite the various efforts from the government and development partners, Nigeria, like many African countries, continues to be heavily affected by malaria taking a large amount of the health budget. In addition to the direct health impact of malaria, there are also severe social and economic burdens on communities and the country as a whole, with the disease contributing to a loss of about US$3 billion in the form of treatment costs, prevention, loss of work time, and so on. Preventing malaria, therefore not only saves lives, but also frees up vital health resources to address other problems in the country.

Nigeria has made fighting malaria one of its top priorities and is increasing its own government spending to tackle the disease. However, the burden is so overwhelming that external support is still needed. The country’s malaria prevention strategic plan includes increasing the ownership and use of mosquito nets, the use of diagnostic tests for fever patients, and improving appropriate and timely treatment of malaria, among other priorities. While the country has made significant strides in ending malaria by treating it at government health facilities and distributing mosquito nets, a lot still needs to be done.

The tragedy is that, while malaria is easily preventable, it affects the poorest and most vulnerable in society the hardest.

Over the past couple of years, Advance has prayerfully and actively participated in the efforts to reduce the incidence of malaria among poor and vulnerable households and communities. We have successfully built on this success and continue to contribute to the reduction of the burden by scaling up distribution and encouraging the use of long lasting insecticide-treated nets at community level.

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Through advocacy with church and community leaders and education programmes in the community, we continue to impact lives. Our outreach programme ensures that people in poor areas of Abuja and surrounding towns receive access to prevention and treatment clinics, free of charge. In carrying out medical outreaches and mosquito net distribution, we have established trustworthy relationships with the various communities. This in turn has provided us with greater opportunities for spreading the Gospel, making known in word and deed the grace and compassion of our God. We believe that preaching the Good News must be grounded in building relationships with our target communities and being hospitable to people, not in prosperity deception, forcing, or overwhelming people.

We are delighted to have received funding from Radio Cracker, Ballymena to carry out further distribution of mosquito nets and raise awareness of how to prevent and treat malaria. We have reached over 2000 families with mosquito nets and malaria treatment. We are also grateful to members of the Second Donegore Presbyterian Church for providing assistance that enables us to carry out medical outreaches, which includes HIV Counselling and Testing. We also thank all the supporters of Mission Africa who help highlight some of the valuable work of Advance that supports efforts to fight malaria and provide some inspiration to others to support our work, not just in malaria prevention, but also HIV/AIDS, women micro-finance, orphan care, and child protection. Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us achieve such amazing results from our programs.

Testimonies of Beneficiaries

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Finally God has answered my prayers. These mosquito nets that I have received will protect me and my family very well against malaria. Today I am very happy.
– Cordelia Anthony, Mararraba

Thank you for treating us well with the medicines you brought. My son has been sick for some days and we could not afford to take him to the chemist. Your coming today is a miracle. I believe my son has received the help we could not afford. 
– Tamba Usman, Dobi

Thank you for sparing lives from malaria in our village. Everybody that came to the seminar, health check-up and malaria testing was given the proper education they needed on malaria. 
– Pastor Timothy Inuwa, Papaldana

My life has changed, and my heart has changed. You didn’t just give me medicines for my illness, you also prayed for me. That is the cure I needed.
– Augustine, Papaldana.

Thank you for doing so much to educate our people regarding how to protect themselves from suffering from malaria.
– Agnes Parah, Nyanya

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