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We are always grateful to God for the way in which funds come in to help further His work. During my time at Holley Memorial Hospital it has been amazing to see how often that funds arrive through the kindness of people willing to give as a result of hearing about the work. An example of how these funds were used on one small project was the renovation of the isolation ward at HMH. Patients with infectious diseases, such as TB, stay in these isolation rooms.

The four isolation rooms, as well as the toilet and shower facilities needed some simple improvements. Working together with the cleaners we improved the bathroom area. We emphasised the need to work together to keep this area well maintained.

To make the cleaning process more hygienic when a patient leaves, we tiled the floors to make them washable. Sliding windows replaced broken old panel windows, and we added window protectors and mosquito netting. The veranda was tiled with a slope in the guttering to allow the rain to flow during the rainy season. A grating was also placed on top of the gutter.

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Churches, along with other individuals, have supported the funding for this project. We are always very grateful for the prayers and support of many people back in the UK. The administrator has asked me to pass on a special word of appreciation. Returning patients have also expressed their gratitude for the renovation.

Working at HMH, I have been grateful for the support of the hospital management and staff. Improving the hospital and compound is a real team effort. They continue to seek to follow the mission statement of the hospital, “To witness the love of Christ to the sick, disabled and the less privileged through qualitative health care delivery, counselling, training and

The isolation ward re-opened on 15th January 2019.