BRICC provides a safe place and resources to run educational programmes in a religiously divided and disadvantaged part of Jos. It currently organises after–school tutoring for children, and facilitates skills training for widows. The project is facilitated by Mission Africa’s Dawn Jackson and SIM’s Toby Abts.

The vision of BRiCC began after violent clashes between Christians and Muslims in parts of the city in January 2010. At least two hundred people were killed, and many houses, churches, mosques and vehicles were set on fire during the rioting.

Since then, people from both religious communities have been living largely separate lives, in what has become a divided part of the city, with ‘no–go’ areas for both Christians and for Muslims.

In January of 2012 BRICC opened its doors for the first time in an effort to help bring people together and build understanding and respect. Organisers hope that as Muslims and Christians get to know one another, the trust and community spirit that has been lost because of the 2010 Crisis in Jos will be rekindled.

We opened to help bring people together in understanding of one another, in our commonalities, along with our differences. To build a community that is stronger and one that will rise up, stand and love one another. We can talk peace forever, but if we do not love or understand each other better – peace will never happen.
BRICC Organiser

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