Islam is part of the desert peoples’ cultural identity. There is great social pressure to participate in prayers and fasting. However, many of them (particularly among the youth) are Muslim in name only.

Christianity has had very little impact on the desert peoples to date. The harsh desert climate and geographical remoteness of the region has made it an inhospitable place for missionary work.

It has only been in the last few years that any ministries have focused their attention on the desert peoples. A very small number – under 15 – are now thought to be Christians.

Currently, Mission Africa personnel provide much needed medical aid to the desert peoples. We also facilitate medical teams, some of which work among the desert peoples, bringing the love of Christ in practical ways.

There are over one billion people living in Africa. Nearly 290 million of them are from the least–engaged people groups. That’s 27% of Africa’s population who have never heard of Jesus or the Christian message. The largest proportion of unengaged people is in North and West Africa. The majority of them are Muslim.

(Source:, 2012)

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