It has since become one of the most respected seminaries in west Africa. It has around 250 undergraduate students, 100 postgraduate students and a teaching staff of just over 20. It offers a range of qualifications from diploma level to the newly established masters and PhD courses. Well trained leaders are an essential ingredient in any healthy church. Pastors and church leaders need to have a good understanding of the Bible, doctrine and key theological issues.

The church in Africa is often faced with opposition from such diverse quarters as Animism and Islam, to sub–Christian cults and sects. Leaders must guide young Christians through the transition from these former held beliefs to a true faith in Jesus, as revealed in the Bible.

The Bible is understood very differently in Africa compared to the West, because of the differences in cultures. So it’s important that African Christians put the Gospel in its proper cultural context, making it relevant and understandable.
Bible teaching has been a priority for Mission Africa since our earliest days. After founding and running several colleges, we have now handed over the ownership of these colleges to the local church. However, we are still very active in supporting them. The three areas of ministry we are involved in are:

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