During the mid 1990s, the people of Bassa were subject to fierce attacks by well-armed raiders, who occupied their land and generally despoiled the entire area. In particular, dwellings were razed to the ground and churches reduced to rubble, as the raiders sought to make the area uninhabitable for the people of Bassa. During the course of these attacks, the Kanyehu Mission Station was evacuated and left to the mercies of the raiders. The mission buildings suffered considerable damage, and were rendered unusable.

By 2005, the Nigerian authorities had taken things in hand and had restored the people of Bassa to their rightful lands. In terms of Christian life, churches began to be reconstructed and normality began to re-emerge. To begin outreach activties again, however, the Kanyehu station would need signi cant restoration.

Through significant fundraising efforts, the Kanyehu station has slowly been restored. Most of the building work is now completed. The Kanyehu station is strategic, because

it lies in an area that is inhabited not only by Bassa people, but several other groups, including the nomadic Fulani tribe. The Fulani are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, with an estimated 40 million who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus. The evangelisation of the Fulani remains a major priority for Mission Africa.

There is a real sense in Kanyehu area that God is on the move. The health clinic is mostly rebuilt, albeit it remains an empty shell and still a long way from a functioning health provision. We are all encouraged that the work is progressing at a steady pace without having permanent missionaries on the eld. 

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