Ana van Brakel

While studying African Linguistics at university in the Netherlands, Ana never imagined in her wildest dreams that she’d end up working as a missionary in Burkina Faso one day.

She grew up in a quiet Dutch farming village, and although her parents were Christians she didn’t come to know God herself until her final year at university.

“It was during a sermon on John 1:14 that the Lord opened my heart and made me understand that grace is a free gift, abundantly available for all,” remembered Ana.

After her studies Ana moved to the UK to work for the NHS as a clinical risk coordinator. She was enjoying a good salary and financial freedom. All that changed when a representative from Mission Africa spoke at her church.

“I didn’t like it very much, as it just didn’t coincide with the plans I had in mind for the immediate future,” she confessed.

But God continued to speak to Ana, and she eventually went to French–speaking Burkina Faso with Mission Africa in 2008.

Ana works in the village of Legmoin, discipling and mentoring believers at a local church, encouraging them to grow spiritually. She is also involved with the Church at a national level, chairing the national children's work committee.

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