Roy & Jane Jones

Roy and Jane ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of villagers in rural Chad. Now officially retired, they are still involved in the work of Mission Africa.

Roy’s life long love for Africa began after a nine month stay in Ghana in the 1960s. He’d just finished school in Plymouth and decided to volunteer teaching English. Years earlier, Roy had become a Christian after a retired Qua Iboe missionary invited him to watch a Billy Graham film at a local church. As a student, Roy had secured a place at university to study English, but impulsively had the idea to pursue medicine and persuaded the university to let him do that instead. He increasingly felt that God wanted him to do medical missionary work.

Jane, from Connah’s Quay, North Wales, was brought up in The Salvation Army and became a Christian when she was 15. After completing her formal education she trained with the Salvation Army for two years. In 1971 she was posted to Kenya, where she worked as a secretary at the church’s headquarters. On returning to the UK four years later her renewed friendship with Roy turned into a whirlwind romance and they were married in 1976.

By that time Roy had qualified as a doctor, and later became an eye specialist. In 1984 Roy and Jane went to Nigeria with Mission Africa to work at Holly Memorial Hospital, Ochadamu. They remained there for five years before returning to the UK to work in a medical practice in Kent, Roy as GP, and Jane, as part time receptionist.

Thirteen years later, and by the time their three children had completed their education, Roy and Jane considered the possibility of returning to Africa. They had maintained contact with Mission Africa and knew that the mission was seeking personnel to work in Chad.

At first, Jane wasn’t keen on going to a French speaking country, but Roy persuaded her to go on a three week language holiday to France. During that time they met a missionary who told them how she had fought against moving from Nigeria to Cameroon, because of having to learn French. As she spoke, Jane knew that if God had enabled that missionary, he would enable her to do likewise. Roy and Jane joined Mission Africa and served in Chad between 2004 and 2012. They worked in N’Djaména, the capital and largest city in Chad, working in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Chad, and a Korean NGO. They have made periodic visits to a nomadic community near the Sahara Desert in order to run medical clinics. They also help train nursing staff and teach English to young men and women.

Roy and Jane have since returned to the UK, but Roy travels back to Chad regularly to represent Mission Africa on official business, visiting medical and outreach projects supported through the Chad Project Fund, and undertaking medical work amongst the desert people.

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