This team will work alongside the youth of the church to plan and present a Holiday Bible Club for a week.  You will use your gifts to share Bible stories, craft activities, sports and games and build relationships with the young people within the community as well as within the church.

You will have the opportunity to attend the church on the Sunday after you arrive and will also have free time to explore London and the area of Newham.  Newham is known for its multicultural heritage and is said to have over 300 languages spoken in the area.  The evenings will be spent planning for the following day and spending time in devotion, worship and chilling with your team.  

Accommodation will most likely be within a church hall in the neighbouring community.

This team is suited to anyone who enjoys working with both youth and children or to those who have experience of CSSM or similar teams.  Gifts that would be useful for this team include arts and crafts, sports, music, preaching and sharing, cooking.

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