Mission Africa works in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, which has a large mission station in Kikuyu, on the outskirts of Nairobi. In Kikuyu there are several children’s care centres, that look after several hundred children and teenagers, as well as a number of church-run schools. The team will spend time running a summer Bible programme, including Bible clubs, discipleship groups, crafts & activities, sports, and vocational training.

The team will also go into poorer areas of Nairobi to share food. They will go to local prisons to share the gospel using music, dance, drama and preaching.

The team will be involved with the PCEA Youth Department, running discipleship training sessions, local outreach events and helping with practical work..

Team Details

An all–age team of up to 12 people. Most people speak English, however, some use local languages. Skills that are useful would be music, craft, sport, discipleship, or preaching.


The team will be based at the guest house at Kikuyu hospital, about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi. The rooms are shared with 2 or 3 in each room, and there are basic toilets and showers. It is secure, clean and comfortable.


Food will be quite similar to the UK. It will not be massively varied, but will often be rice or potatoes, with a little bit of meat and some vegetables. Lunch will usually be sandwiches. There will also be opportunities for the team to eat at local restaurants.


Flights will be arranged to Nairobi airport and your team will travel together as a group. A minibus hired by Mission Africa will be used for the journey from the airport to Kikuyu. The vehicle and driver will be available for the team for the duration.


There will be a team leader appointed by Mission Africa who has experience of working in Kenya. There will also be a local facilitator who will look after the logistics and security for the team.


£1,800 including flights.

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