Mission Africa urgently seeks to recruit lecturers for colleges in Nigeria. Ordination is helpful but not essential. These positions offer an exciting and uniquely stimulating opportunity to make a strategic difference in the development of the Church in Africa. You can serve for just one semester, one year or full time. Positions include:

Long Term

Long term missionaries are able to make a big impact over many years. They are able to gain an in depth knowledge of the cultural and political issues that shape theology in Africa, so can teach with real authority and understanding.

If you would like to commit to training the next generation of African Church leaders then we ask long term missionaries to serve for a minimum of 2 years, but preferably serve 5 years or more.

Many of our Level 2 theological lecturers are studying for PhD qualifications while also teaching at the colleges.

If you are interested in serving Long Term at a Theological College please fill in the response form.

Short Term

Our colleges really benefit from having enthusiastic lecturers come and teach for a semester (3 months) or for an academic year (9 months). If you have a Masters level qualification then you can teach the degree students at our colleges in Nigeria. This is a really good way to gain valuable teaching experience, for first time lecturers or for experienced pros.

This is part of our short term programme. Please see the details on the short term page to find out more about serving in this way.

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