Why take an elective at a Mission Hospital?

About Mission Africa Elective Placements

Each of the hospitals have a limited capacity to the number of placements they can take at any one time, usually between 2 – 4 people. So if you’re wanting to go with us you normally need to have applied 12 months before you’d like to go, especially if you want to go in July and August.

We are flexible with making the arrangements for electives, you can book your own flights or we can do this for you. We will organise your visa, provide travel insurance and you will have to come for a day of orientation. We will liaise with the hospital and make sure all the arrangements are made for your transport & accommodation.

We would prefer if all participants in our electives programme were active evangelical Christians, but if you are a Christian and you want to bring a friend who isn’t then we can be flexible, please contact us for more guidance on this.

Guidance on Costs

We will work out a cost for each elective based on when, where, how long etc, but to give some guidance on costs. This is based on an elective in Nigeria.

Flights £700 – 900
Visa £130
Transport £100
Accommodation & Food £10 a day
Insurance £35 for 4 weeks
Admin Costs £50
Total for 4 weeks in Nigeria £1400 – 1600


If you want to apply for an elective with Mission Africa, please fill out the application form at the bottom of each elective opportunity or get in touch with us directly to find out more.


CMF have a great handbook for people planning electives download it from here: http://admin.cmf.org.uk/pdf/international/ehb.pdf

Current Medical Electives Opportunities