The ‘Year in Africa’ programme is designed to provide Christians with a real opportunity to get involved in mission work and to take on roles and responsibilities that will build God’s kingdom in Africa. You can serve from 6 months to 2 years and the duration of your time in Africa you will get to impact the lives of many people, sharing God’s love with them, taking time to pray and sharing the gospel with them.

Each day you will see firsthand the many needs that exist and you will be expected to take the opportunity to respond in love and action to what you see. You will be helping individuals or working with our other missionaries developing programmes that will help groups of people in need.

We have many placement opportunities with our partners in Nigeria, Chad, Kenya and Burkina Faso and we aim to place people in ministries that best suit their calling, gifts, personality and abilities. Everyone who has been a volunteer with Mission Africa has been challenged by God through their experience; they do not return home the same person who went out.

Who is this volunteer programme for?

For anyone from 18 to 65 who wants to take time out from their normal life and routine to try something completely different for God. Your age and experience will determine which roles you are able to work in, but whether you are straight from school or been working for 40 years we will have a role that is suitable for you.

As a participant we aim that you will:

  1. Bring God’s love and build God’s kingdom in Africa, sharing the gospel and seeing lives changed.
  2. Build positive relationships with everyone, whether it’s those you are serving or those who are leading you.
  3. Integrate with the local culture and customs, living a respectful lifestyle, that glorifies God.
  4. Work in partnership with the local church listening and responding to their direction.
  5. Grow in knowledge of God and live a life that reflects intimacy with the Father.
  6. Serve with the gifts that God has given you and know that you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love with everyone.
  7. Embrace simplicity, leaving behind many of the material things that distract from spending time with God.
  8. In all things start and end with prayer, as it is only through prayer that God’s Mission is accomplished.
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