Why should you consider service with us?

Real Work & Ministry.

Our teams are about spending 2 – 4 weeks involved in ministry and service. This isn’t a “look and don’t touch” experience, we’re all about getting stuck in and getting our hands dirty.

Work with the local Church & Missionaries.

Most of our teams are closely linked to our African church partners and our long-term missionaries play a very active role in the teams. These aren’t just random teams going in for a few weeks, our teams are part of the wider strategy and help build towards something much bigger.

Proven Track Record

Mission Africa have sent over 500 people on team in the past 8 years. That’s a lot of experience and many transformed lives. We put a lot of work into our teams to make sure they have a great experience.

Join the Family

Mission Africa isn’t a massive mission agency, we consider ourselves to be a family of missionaries serving God together. Many of the people who go on teams really get involved with the mission when they come home and really become part of the family. It isn’t just a 3-week experience, we want you to become part of the Mission Africa family too.

What Next?

Please read through each of the teams below to see if God is calling you to serve on one of them. There is also quite a bit of important general team information further down on this page, please read through carefully before you apply. Links to apply are at the bottom of each opportunity page.

More information…