Mission Africa obeys the Great Commission! We believe that all Christians have a definite Biblical mandate to take the Good News of Jesus to all the people groups of the world. The Great Commission is the only teaching of Jesus to be recorded five times in the Bible. This underscores the importance of the New Testament’s call to pioneering missionary work among those as yet unreached with the Gospel.

Since the early missionaries arrived in the 19th Century, the numerical growth of the Church in Africa has been spectacular. However, much remains to be completed. There are just under 1 billion people in Africa. Over one quarter of these have never heard of Jesus, or had the Christian Gospel explained to them.

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
Romans 10:14–15

In Africa, the largest portion of unreached peoples are in the North and West. This includes the countries where Mission Africa works. Nigeria, for example, has nearly 80 unreached people groups containing nearly 50 million people. In northern Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad, the majority are Muslim and the regions are frequently remote with harsh environments. Despite these challenges, Mission Africa remains committed to this unfinished task.

Mission Africa has always been dedicated to pioneering evangelism and this is still the highest priority today. At the most basic level, everything Mission Africa does is evangelistic – we are motivated by the urgent need to share the Good News of Jesus, whether by word or deed.

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