Many churches in Africa lack properly trained leadership. It is a major priority of the mission to engage in theological training so that our partner churches are equipped with pastors who in their theology and practice are firmly rooted in God’s word.

Theological education is a strategic ministry. The developing Church faces a variety of challenges ranging from Animism to Islam as well as sub–Christian cults and sects. Leaders need to be trained so the Church can be equipped to respond to these challenges with sound doctrine. It is also a challenge to appropriately contextualise theology within the African culture.

“Throughout Africa Colleges are crying out for qualified, committed staff who are able to correctly handle the Word of God and who are equipped to teach the truth and fundamentals of Christianity.”
- Former Principal, theological college in Nigeria.

Theological Colleges

Bible teaching has been a priority for Mission Africa since its very early days. After founding and running several colleges, we have now handed over the ownership of these colleges to the local church. However, we are still very active in supporting the work of these colleges by:

Christian Literature

Theological education and Christian ministry depends on the availability of good quality books. For this reason, Mission Africa was instrumental in the founding of Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) and still provides long–term missionaries to help manage this strategic work.

Current Training Opportunities

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