Lying in the heart of the continent of Africa, Chad suffers from low rainfall and severe droughts. The country is also badly affected by poor infrastructure and internal conflict. Poverty is widespread and health and social conditions compare unfavourably with the rest of Africa. Life expectancy is low, reduced to just an average 47 years, while infant mortality remains high. The nation is plagued by waterborne diseases, such as malaria and meningitis.

Islam is growing in influence and numbers, and there are more unreached people groups in Chad than anywhere else in Africa.

Mission Africa has responded to these needs and is currently working in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Chad, and a Korean NGO, primarily in the areas of evangelism and medical care.

Opportunities exist in evangelism and pioneer church planting ministries, medical work, school and Bible teaching, working with vulnerable women, agricultural and veterinary assistance, and well digging and construction.

Current Chad Opportunities

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