The AIDS crisis is a big problem and the illness threatens to kill nearly a whole generation. The death rate continues to soar, with 14% of the adult population infected.

On top of that, more than half the people living in Kenya’s towns and cities live in slums. Slum dwellers in Nairobi, of which 60,000 are children, are among the poorest and most malnourished in Africa.

Yet despite these problems and hardships, it is estimated that 13 million Kenyans are Bible believing Christians. There is a growing vision for mission to take the gospel to all of the 22 unreached peoples groups in the country. And Kenya has become a strategic centre for many missionary organisations working across Africa.

Mission Africa has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Presbyterian Church in East Africa (PCEA) in Kenya, and is currently exploring ways to help – strengthening the church and reaching out to those in need.

Current Kenya Opportunities