We are looking for gifted people to follow God’s call and serve with us in Africa. If you are considering missionary service, you are probably looking at several options at this point, and there are many mission agencies for you to choose from. Each agency has differences that set them apart from each other and as you read the rest of this page you will hopefully get a flavour of what makes us different from the rest.

Why you should consider service with us

An established mission

Mission Africa was first founded as the Qua Iboe Mission in 1887. In other words we have over 130 years of experience serving in Africa.

A strategic focus

We have chosen to work in specific ministries that we passionately believe will help the Church in Africa to grow and strengthen.

Tailored opportunities

As a potential long-term candidate, we would work with you to find a role that really suited you. We want to understand what makes you tick and, most importantly, what God is calling you to do.

A family mission

We are not the biggest mission agency. However, our size does mean it is possible for everyone to know each other. We very much value our family atmosphere where each member takes responsibility for making the mission work.

A Faith based mission

We believe God has provided for all our needs in the past and that He will continue to do so in the future. As a result all financial support is pooled and long term members do not have to raise 100% of their support before they can go.

A young mission staff

Many of our missionaries are in their twenties and thirties, couples or have young families. Over the last few years we’ve had a steady stream of new recruits.

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Current Long Term Opportunities

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